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 News // Tournament // Direct elimination stages

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PostSubject: Re: News // Tournament // Direct elimination stages   News // Tournament // Direct elimination stages EmptySun Apr 08, 2012 10:12 am

News // Tournament // Direct elimination stages Newshe15

The game to decide who from tH or + team would get the 5th was supposed to be today, as today was the limit for it to be played. + team couldn't show up, and in response to this unprofessionalism from + team, tH was guaranteed the 5th place of the tournament. Congratulations to them, and specially to the player with the biggest impact on the team, SOD aka Milos! (For once you have something to be proud of ;P).
K|NG clan decided to ask for a clanwar, even though tH isn't really a clan but a team. Still, both clans played and the final result was 21-9 for K|NG. The match was a demonstration of what's lacking in Chaser: Competition. This kind of wars has to be done much more times to keep the game competitive. It was a fair and entertaining game and we want to see this kind of things many many times a week!

The Direct elimination stages will start during the week starting tomorrow. MCA and kMa will play one of the semi-finals. The other will be disputed by SF and BS.
We wish good luck to all 4 teams, and may the best come out on top!

Don't forget to play your daily dose of Chaser, and helping us keeping it clean!
Keep cool!
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News // Tournament // Direct elimination stages
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