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PostSubject: News // General   News // General EmptyThu Apr 05, 2012 1:54 pm


Hello there, dear Chaser players!
So this week... we got:

-The tournament was supposed to keep on running last week but no time has been found to make it possible, unfortunaly!
Still, in the incoming days, 2 great matches will happen!
On one hand, MCA and kMa will be battling it out in the halls of Final Strike to have their spot in the Grand Final, in what we expect being a really tight match. On the other hand, there'll be this extremly close match between BS and SF where every result seems possible, depending essentially on which players will be able to show up, specially on SF's side.

-Apart from that, Servers' quality are increasing everyday, with a great work from the Super Admins such as Zippo, Dark or doNi.

-Finally, the activeness and competitiveness in the game isn't dead at all! Demo version has players 24/24, be it from Germany or even the U.S.! Full version, although having a fewer amount of activity, keeps being active, specially at night, where experienced players meet up! Chaser still has it's own competitiveness between clans on par with the activity. In fact, clans like |kMa|, -]BS[-, K|NG, */A., -=DD=- or TwB, TCT, H&M and (-2k-) on a lower standard, keep this game full of competitiveness and rivalry!

So, to all the Chasers out there, keep an eye on the tournament, and specially on yourself, your friends, your clan and in Chaser. Tournaments are fun, but nothing of this would be possible without the help of the 'Brain' of the community, leading this forum and for example. If you also want to be remembered, or if you just love Chaser, protect it, and report any hackers by saving their IP (number where they connect from, such as: and posting it on the chat box of, along with the reasons of the report and any other details.

It's all for this week, we'll be here next week as well, and we hope to have your company!

Chasers, keep classy!
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News // General
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